Our purpose is to create a lasting endowment to fund the Luis Palau Association,
a new generation of evangelists, and other evangelistic Kingdom-building work

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The name “Palau” is synonymous with words including “innovative”,”outreach”, and “integrity.”
As Luis Palau has given his life to serve the Church in evangelism, the Palau Foundation for World Evangelism makes it easy for anyone to do the same. The Palau Foundation has the right tools, the right estate planning people, the right heart, and a proven track record. I highly recommend them!
Jose Zayas
International Evangelist
President, Jose Zayas Evangelism International
Portland, Oregon
It is hard to surpass the vision, goals and integrity with which the Palau Foundation continues to reach out to the world with the Good News of Jesus Christ. The foundation’s attention to detail and consideration for the needs of those we fund internationally expands exponentially the value of our gifts with those who need it most. Efficient, effective, relational, creative and wise.
Steven W. Haas
Vice President / Chief Catalyst
World Vision United States
Seattle, Washington
Let me encourage you to generously support the Palau Foundation and take advantage of all the estate planning services they offer, which ultimately enable us evangelists to reach more people for Jesus Christ. The blessings are enormous to the giver and those being reached through their generosity.
Bill Newman
International Evangelist
President, Bill Newman International
Carindale, Australia
I was impressed by the quality of service from the Palau Foundation and how easy it was to create a donor-advised fund. I would also highly recommend using the free estate planning consultation services of Gene Christian. He has a broad range of experience, a warm relational manner, and no-pressure approach to estate planning.
C. Sam Friesen
Unitec Corporation
Seattle, Washington